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“Wearing contact lenses during my long flights was nightmarish. After having LASIK done by Dr Prakash Nayak, I feel beautiful and comfortable all the time”.

-- Jenny P, Air Hostess


“I missed being able to read my favourite newspapers every morning. After my cataract operation, I feel like some curtain has been lifted from in front of my eyes. I was very scared of the surgery, but it hardly took 7 minutes for the entire procedure. And my whole family watched my surgery on the TV live right outside! Now, I have subscribed to 2 more newspapers and read without glasses!”

-- Mr Radhakrishnan, Retired College Professor


“I was an obese guy with glasses. After I lost 37 kilos with a lot of hard work, the next thing on my list was to get rid of glasses. I had heard about LASIK but was doubtful about the procedure. Dr Prakash Nayak explained it well and cleared all my queries. I got the procedure done and think it’s one of the best decisions in my life!”

-- Nirmalya Dutta, Sub-editor of a Health site


“I heard about Dr Prakash Nayak from one of my friends in Dubai. I had been wanting to get rid of my glasses since a long time. When I came down to India this time, I got it done. Since it cost a lot lesser here, my parents were doubtful about the quality. Now they are the ones who are recommending him to their friends”.

-- Ms Hasina Sheikh, Student, Dubai